Masis, Armenia
A Collaboration at Bernard Khoury / DW5 Architects


Located 9 km southwest of Yerevan, in the Ararat Province of Armenia, the proposed scheme will act as a catalyzer of an urban development project for the town. The center will be the first intervention on a park which will extend over an area of 280,000 square-meters.

Similar to its precedents, the center offers a new specific working condition consisting of semi-autonomous workstations that roam along a circular track, at the periphery of which are fixed workstations of various heights offering different seating positions. These pits and mobile elements give the possibility of a dynamic configuration of students.

From this central space extend three exceptional instances:

- The needle measuring 65 meters in length consists of modular classrooms that are open on both sides allowing simultaneously for views of the park and the surrounding buildings.

- The box measuring 12 meters in width and 12 meters in height serves as an outdoor theater, a space for performances bringing together Tumo students and the community.

- The tower announces the entrance to the center and marks the point of entry to the dynamic loop inside.

At the center of this circular space is a 400-square-meter open-to-sky court measuring 22 meters in diameter. Its surface gently slopes down reaching an opening to a subsurface well at its center. This allows for various activities to take place: spontaneous performances, a shallow body of water for leisurely purposes in summer, a thin layer of ice in winter…

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