Nabeul, Tunisia
Private Residence

Set to a brief to envisage a beach house in Tunisia, the TN house emerges from the sands of the Mediterranean coast as a sensitive monolith, a contemporary intimate sanctuary with an adaptive functionality.

Located in Nabeul along the untouched coast of North Eastern Tunisia, the site offers the potential of a pied dans l’eau experience with the Mediterranean Sea. With a view to being sensitive to the modesty of neighboring houses, the design developed alongside a rigorous investigation into the Tunisian traditional vernacular, which in its expression evokes a relationship between spirituality and architecture.

Inspired by the traditional Tunisian Sour, or Fort wall, the volume of the house stands boldly within its urban context, defined by an 8 m high wall stretching down towards the sea. The spatial experiences of the house were explored by investigating the juxtaposition of various elements and volumes against the typology of the Sour.

Internal spaces are oriented facing the 15 m long façade opening up to the shore, and are interjected with internal courtyards creating volumes of light within the cavernous expanse of this luxurious contemporary house.

The Sour begins by taking the shape of the fence on the northern flank protecting the green backyard, before becoming part of the main structure of the house on the east side. Internally it mediates circulation between different levels and activities, culminating in a cantilevered room, a spiritual haven isolated from the house and the world… offering a pure space for contemplation and meditation of the calm Mediterranean sea. 

A Collaboration at RAB Architects


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Elias El Soueidi

M.Arch - USEK - ÉSA

Principal Architect

+961 70 272529

Address: Jounieh Haret Sakher, Menassa Bldg. 3rd Floor

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