Architecture and spirituality have merged to become an interwoven component of today's world.

Rwanda is an example of the evolution that third world countries are witnessing.

The Church represents a pathway, piercing and molding the landscape floating and hovering over the infinite depth of a water collection pond.

The path guides the visitors and invites them into a long meditation influenced by light, wind and vegetation. The walk is celebrated at the end with a 'mass' which is the Church.

Curtains embrace the wind, bamboo replaces steel and marries concrete and plays with the sun rays coming through the facades.

Rwanda, Africa
Religious Institution - International Competition

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Elias El Soueidi

M.Arch - USEK - ÉSA

Principal Architect

+961 70 272529

Address: Jounieh Haret Sakher, Menassa Bldg. 3rd Floor

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