Winner of the Audi Innovation Award 2018 | Dubai Design Week 

Hello human,


Let me take you through a story that you have written

A story that you have impacted


What you see is the result of endless working hours, a combination of social connections and architectural artifacts,

What you see is the home of thousands of people, their identity.

What you see is the result of cultural layering resulting in a masterpiece we call a city.


Everything you see does not exist anymore, we have destroyed it.


Our impact on this planet hasn’t been great we have disrupted it’s Eco system we have demolished its DNA and we continue to do so.


We live in a world where history is so painful that we only remember it through scars.

We live in a world that has been deeply metamorphosed by the destruction of culture.


You and I have contributed to the creation of this culture, its stories memories and connections,

Also you and I, have committed the biggest crime of all time.

We have destroyed it.


We have built cities and demolished them, we have built civilizations and wiped them we have built monuments and attacked them we have built memories and erased them.


Everything you see has been collected through endless research and a combination of stories told by people who call this place Home.


Our future is not a linear path but rather circular.

We must praise and value our present to save whatever is left of our memories and give ourselves a chance at having new ones.


Everything you see exists only in people’s dreams, in their subconscious.

And now it is in yours.

Ruin to Reality | R2R 
The World
Software Application
In Progress 2018

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